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Rainscreen Cladding

Woodman Brothers Ltd provide a full range of rainscreen cladding systems. From traditional timber and stone cladding to high-specification and technically advanced materials such as Trespa® and Rockpanel® which are easy to handle and work with, minimizing costs and installation times.
Modern rainscreen facades are unsurpassed in quality and have been specially developed to be as durable as stone and as workable as wood. They are also dimensionally stable and able to withstand large fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Lightweight and flexible, they can follow the contours of any design and are available in a wealth of colours and textures, making design possibilities endless. Weather-resistant and requiring almost no maintenance, they will retain their looks for many, many years. 

Through our manufacturing partners and their extensive, research and development, Woodman Brothers Ltd can remove many of the technical and structural constraints associated with weight, enabling creative facades that are exacting in tolerance with panel sizes up to three square metres, yet still replicate the timeless beauty and substance of natural materials. 

Rainscreen Cladding Weston College

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